Introducing Best-in-Class Summarization

Intelligent summarization that out-performs leading LLMs

Outperform GPT-4

Better performance for specific tasks, versus using one single LLM. Harness the power of model routing for better output quality.

Alien Efficiency

Send each task to the right model for more efficient, cost-saving routing. Optimize for lowest cost, highest performance.

Deploy in VPC

We act as an orchestration layer in your virtual private cloud. Control your data and privacy when routing sensitive information.

Access the newest AI

With access to Martian’s frontier research, keep your organization one step ahead of the competition.

GPT-4Only GPT-4
person2M users
move$12 / Session


per month
GPT-4Martian dynamic routing
person2M users
move$1 / Session


per month

12x Savings

Case StudyContent creation with AI

In a recent case study with a telecommunications company, we compared the performance of Martian with GPT-4 on summarization tasks. By dynamically routing each prompt to the best LLM, we can achieve the highest performance at the lowest cost. 

Meeting Summarization
Open Domain Chat
Math Problem Solving
Grammatical Error Correction
Dynamic routing for better performance

Martian outperforms GPT-4 up to 90% of the time, according to human preference annotation.

Even in domains where the router does not perform as well, we build a custom-tuned router for enterprises that performs significantly better than our general purpose router in the use case you care about. Talk to us about how to get your own custom-tuned router.

More affordable than leading LLMs

Martian’s model router is optimized for not only quality, but allows users to choose the best cost or latency.

Get better performance on a specific task than using any single LLM by itself. Use multiple LLMs for best-in class summarization for any text.

Multi Model

We're fortunate to be supported by the world's best VCs.

NEAProsus VenturesGeneral CatalystCarya Venture Partners

Aaron Jacobson

Partner at NEA

AI development is wasted if it’s unwieldy, cost-prohibitive and uncharted for enterprise and everyday users. We believe Martian will unlock the power of AI for companies and people en masse. Etan and Shriyash have demonstrated deep expertise in this field through high-impact peer-reviewed research that they’ve been doing since 2016.

Unlock significantly enhanced AI capabilities by getting your own custom built LLM router

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