We are a team of AI research specialists.Our mission is to maximize humanity's intelligence by understanding the algorithms underlying intelligence.

The Martian team is a group of passionate, curious, and experienced individuals with deep backgrounds in AI. We have built products that were used by millions of users, and we have worked with several of the top tech institutions in the world.

Years of combined AI and NPL Research experience

We began doing NLP research in the 2010s. During that time, we build and exited multiple NLP companies. The founders spent several years at the University of Pennsylvania developing applications of AI including the first LLM-powered cognitive tutors back in 2020. It was from building at the application layer than the need for a model router was first recognized.


Team members with experience in B2B/B2E customers


Why the name Martian

Our company was named after a group of Hungarian-American scientists known as “The Martians”. This group, which lived in the 20th century, was composed of some of the smartest people to have ever lived

John von Neumann

Mathematician, physicist, computer scientist, engineer and polymath

John von Neumann

Paul Erdos

Most Prolific Mathematician of All Time

Paul Erdos

Leo Szilard

Inventor of the Atomic Bomb

Leo Szilard

These scientists and 14 others like them (including the inventor of the hydrogen bomb, the man who introduced group theory into modern physics, and fundamental contributors to fields like combinatorics, number theory, numerical analysis and probability theory) shared a remarkable similarity – they all were born in the same neighborhood in Budapest. That led people to question: what was the source of so much intelligence?

In response, Szilard joked that, "Martians are already here, and they call themselves Hungarians!"

In reality… nobody knows.

Humanity finds itself in a similar position today with respect to a new set of potentially superintelligent minds:

Artificial Intelligence. People know that models can be incredibly smart, but have no idea how they work.

Our mission is to answer that question – to understand and harness modern super intelligence.

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We're on a mission to crack open the black box of AI and understand the algorithms underlying intelligence

Founding ML Engineer

Building a good model-router is technically challenging. It requires understanding and measuring model performance (both through qualitative metrics and human preferences), developing more effective r...

Senior Backend & API Engineer

We are seeking someone to manage the development of the API and backend infrastructure that clients will use to access the model router API and the microservices around it....

Research Engineer

We’re looking for Research Engineers to design and run experiments for mechanistic interpretability research. Our specific approach to mechanistic interpretability is a technique we call “model mappin...

Research Scientist

As a research scientist with Martian, you will develop new techniques to understand how AI models work. This work will focus on exploring and improving a technique we call “model mapping”: converting ...

Forward Deployed / Full Stack Engineer

We are looking for someone with full stack experience to help us ship our client facing interface for the model router. This includes the company website and dashboard. It may also involve creating PO...